Thursday, May 9, 2013

Holly Black School Visits

We had a really busy day today, with two school visits and a store event with Holly Black!

Holly is on tour to celebrate the release of her newest book, Doll Bones (just out May 7th!). 

Our first school visit was this morning at Mounds Park Academy

Students in grades 4th-8th gathered to hear Holly speak. 

Holly is an incredibly engaging and funny speaker, and the MPA students were very involved in her talk.  They loved it!

After speaking, Holly signed books for students and teachers. 

She also signed the 'author chair' that librarian Nancy Lage keeps in the library! 

Thank you to Mounds Park Academy for a fabulous visit! 

Our next stop this afternoon was Parkview Center School.

Holly had a welcoming committee when she arrived! 

Parkview's librarian, Laura Given, had a display of Holly Black's books available for checkout in the library in the weeks leading up to Holly's visit. 

After watching an awesome video the students and Laura had made to welcome Holly to their school, Holly spoke to the 5th-8th graders at Parkview. 

She started by reading a selection from Doll Bones, as she did at MPA. 

Then she talked about the book and her inspiration. 

The students hung on her every word and were very engaged! 

After Holly finished her talk, the students still hadn't had enough!

They gathered around her to talk to her more. 

Then we headed to the library for Holly to sign books. 

Holly Black with Parkview's librarian, Laura Given (and the snake that had a cameo in the video!).  

Thank you to both schools for hosting Holly Black today, and to Isabel Keating from Around Town Agency for doing the driving.  Also, a big thank you to Holly herself for all of her energy and enthusiasm! 

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