Monday, October 29, 2012

Jo Nesbø School Visit

Jo Nesbø is a Norwegian author perhaps best know for his adult mystery books, but he has also written the Doctor Proctor Fart Powder series for kids. He was in town today to do a school visit with us during the day for his children's books and to do an event with Micawber's Bookstore in the evening for his adult books.

We held the event at Highland Park Elementary (a huge thank you to the principal, Teresa Vibar, the librarian, Margot Barry, as well as the 3rd-5th grade teachers. You helped make the event the success it was!).

In the first Doctor Proctor book, the characters drink sparkling pear juice made from the pear tree in the doctor's yard.

Students reading Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder as they wait for Jo Nesbø to arrive.

We started in the library, where Jo Nesbø signed copies of his three books: Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder, Bubble in the Bathtub, and Who Cut the Cheese?.

We were joined by the two students who introduced Mr. Nesbø for the event.

Students introducing Mr. Nesbø.

Jo Nesbø was a wonderful speaker - he kept the students engaged, interested, and laughing during his whole talk. 

The students had great questions for him afterwards, and loved finding out even more about him!

 After the talk, everyone swarmed around him. All the students wanted to keep asking him questions. Some even came up and asked if they could hug him! (He graciously accepted). 

Then we headed back to the library for some treats. In addition to the pear juice, we had Fart Powder cake and jello (the characters eat jello frequently in the book to celebrate. We asked Mr. Nesbø if they also eat jello in the Norwegian version or if that's specific to the English translation. He told us they eat caramel pudding when he wrote it in Norwegian!). 

Mr. Nesbø cuts into the cake!

We were so thrilled to do this event with Jo Nesbø. He was such an entertaining speaker, and had endless amounts of patience and energy throughout the entire event. Not to mention, he was incredible with all the students!

Thank you to Mr. Nesbø, Paul Crichton of Simon&Schuster for making this event possible and Tim Hedges of Around Town Agency. To quote the students: "This is the best day ever!!!!"

PS We have signed copies of all three books available at Addendum. 

UPDATE: Now sold out of Book 2: Bubble in the Bathtub.

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