Saturday, November 29, 2014

Indies First 2014

Addendum participated in Indies First again this year!

We were joined by 27 local authors, and two national authors participated long-distance!
...and donuts!

Margot shelving some books.

Local authors were: William Alexander, Megan Atwood, Eileen Beha, Bryan Bliss, Heather Bouwman, Lisa Bullard, Catherine Clark, Loretta Ellsworth, Debra Frasier, Molly Beth Griffin, Rebecca Hahn, Michael Hall, Pete Hautman, Nick Hupton, Dawn Klehr, David LaRochelle, Christopher Lincoln, Mary Logue, Mary Losure, Carrie Mesrobian, Juliann Rich, Pat Schmatz, Julie Schumacher, Kelsey Sutton, Nikki Urang, Joanne Vruno, and Mike Wohnoutka.
Dawn Klehr

Origami stars (made out of book pages!) folded by Margot as gifts for authors.

National authors joining us were Mac Barnett (who gave us his top book recommendations, and signed and sent us bookplates for anyone who purchased his books today) and Andrew Smith (who signed and sent us bookplates for anyone who purchased his books today, plus wrote a personalized note on a manuscript page from that book and sent it along as well)!

Pete Hautman

David LaRochelle

Lisa Bullard

Bryan Bliss

Mary Losure

Joanne Vruno

Christopher Lincoln (aka Billy Bones)

Nick Hupton, Mary Losure, and Margot Barry

Authors chatted with customers, recommended books, put out our holiday book display, and signed copies of their own books. 

There were also crafts for kids during the day!
Making crafts with Debra Frasier.

Mike Wohnoutka and Catherine Clark

Pat Schmatz

Catherine Clark

Signed book by Mike Wohnoutka.

Eileen Beha, William Alexander, and Rebecca Hahn.

Eileen Beha signing books.

These are just a few shots from the day - we also posted photos all day on Twitter, so make sure to check out our account

Thank you to all the authors who joined us to help today! And thank you to all our customers who came out on Small Business Saturday to support our bookstore for Indies First

Saturday, November 22, 2014

YA Panel with Dawn Klehr, Lori M. Lee, and Erica O'Rourke

On Saturday, November 22nd, we hosted a YA panel with authors Dawn Klehr, Lori M. Lee, and Erica O'Rourke (Liz Czukas was originally a part of the panel, but was unable to make it at the last minute. We look forward to having her at Addendum another time!). 

Below: decorations from each of their books. Read their books if you're not sure how they match up! 

We had treats during the panel. 

We started out by asking each of the authors questions, and then opened it up to the audience to ask their own questions as well. 

Then each of the authors read a bit from their books.

After the panel wrapped up, there was time for book signing and chatting. 

(And lampshade signing too, of course!)

Thank you to Lori, Dawn, and Erica for a fantastic panel! And thanks to all of you who came for the event. 


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Launch Party for Nikki Urang's THE HIT LIST!

Tonight we celebrated the launch of Nikki Urang's debut novel, THE HIT LIST. 
The stage was set with a mirror and a barre, as well as copies of Nikki's book on display. 

Nikki started out by reading a selection from her book. 

Then she answered any questions her guests had. 

And after that she signed books!

(Notice how Nikki's hair and nails match her book cover?! So fantastic!)

And the cupcakes match, too! 

Thanks to Nikki for holding her launch party with us, and thank you to everyone who came out to support her!