Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rainbow Rowell Day 2 - Avalon and Harriet Island

For Day 2 of our events with Rainbow Rowell, the first stop was Addendum so Rainbow could visit our store and sign some stock. (See Day 1 here).   

The next stop was Avalon School. Students there had all read Eleanor & Park prior to Rainbow's visit, and enjoyed talking with her about the book.  

Marika Staloch, of SPPL, introducing Rainbow Rowell to students at Avalon School.

After the reading, talk, and Q&A, we participated in a Skype visit with Acacia O'Connor from Kids' Right to Read (a project of the National Coalition Against Censorship). Addendum is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Rainbow's books during all of these events to Kids' Right to Read.

Then Rainbow signed books for Avalon students. 

Final event for the day: a reading and Q&A open to the public, held at the Harriet Island Pavilion.  

A 1986 X-Men comic book and batteries! Read Eleanor & Park for the reference!

Marika Staloch, of SPPL, welcoming guests and introducing author Anne Ursu.

When Rainbow's original visit was canceled, a number of local authors were up in arms, and wanted to make sure we found a way to bring Rainbow Rowell to the Twin Cities anyway. Spearheading that movement was local author Anne Ursu. Once SPPL had decided to bring Rainbow here, we at Addendum suggested that Anne Ursu could introduce her, considering she had done so much to help get Rainbow here.

Local author Anne Ursu, introducing Rainbow Rowell. 

Rainbow spoke with guests and then answered questions. 

After her talk and Q&A, Rainbow signed books for her fans. 

Rainbow Rowell and Anne Ursu, signing their books for each other.  :)

Thank you again to Rainbow and her sister Jade for making the trip to St. Paul. Thank you, too, to Marika Staloch and SPPL, as well as Avalon School, the St. Paul Parks and Rec, and author Anne Ursu for helping to create such memorable events!

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