Saturday, March 23, 2013

Andrea Cremer!

Andrea Cremer was the sixth author in the Teens Know Best Author Series we are working on in conjunction with MELSA

Today was Addendum's second event with Andrea - you can read about our first one right here

Amy Baum (Mackin), Kathleen James (MELSA), and Marcus Mayer (Addendum co-owner)

The MELSA event was held at the Chaska Community Center.

One of Andrea's readers was so excited to finally meet her, she greeted her with a big hug!

Andrea spoke in the theater at the community center, and her talk included a lot of the actual history behind the stories she writes (she used to be a history professor in St. Paul at Macalester College before moving to NYC!). 

Signing pens to match the colors of Andrea's books.

After the talk and Q&A, Andrea was available to sign books and chat with her readers. 

We had a great afternoon - thank you to everyone who joined us today! 
If you weren't able to attend the event, you can pick up your signed copies of Andrea's books at Addendum.  


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Neal Shusterman!

Neal Shusterman was the fifth author in the Teens Know Best Author Series that we worked on with MELSA

Neal is the author of many books for young adults, including most recently Unwind and the sequel UnWholly.  

Neal signed books both before and after his talk, and he also signed Skinjackers Trilogy posters that he had brought along to give to attendees. 

Neal writes such unique stories, and it was fascinating to learn what combination of different things would spark an idea in his head for the books he's written. 

He read selections from UnWholly as well as Antsy Does Time. It is always a treat to hear an author's story in his own voice!

After his talk, Neal took questions from the audience and then was available once again for more book signing. 

Neal signing Addendum's author lampshade.

It was such a pleasure to meet Neal Shusterman and spend the afternoon with him! As always, if you were unable to attend the event we have signed copies available at Addendum.