Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Publication Party for Will Alexander's 'Ghoulish Song'

Today Ghoulish Song, the companion book to Goblin Secrets by National Book Award winner William Alexander, was released and we celebrated with a publication party for Will! 

The event was held at Dr. Chocolate's Chocolate Chateau, and guests were able to enjoy hot chocolate, treats, ice cream, and drinks from the bar. Everything was delicious! 

The fantastic local band Dreamland Faces played as guests arrived, and then again later in the evening. 

They had an awesome assortment of instruments, and the music they played matched perfectly with the haunting, ethereal descriptions of music in Will's book. 

And in honor of Will's first book, Goblin Secrets, there were masks to be made! 

(If you would like to make your own masks at home, you can find them on Will's website right here, drawn by some of his talented colleagues at MCAD).  

Guests with their masks!

There was quite a crowd, despite all the snow that fell earlier today, and everyone gathered around to hear Will read from Ghoulish Song

Will's background in theater is apparent as you listen to him read - it is a treat to hear! (In fact, Will did the reading for his audiobooks, so you can check him out yourself on the recordings if you haven't had the good fortune to hear him in person!).

In addition to music, shadows play an important role in Ghoulish Song, hence the little Kaile silhouette adorning our sign!

Throughout the evening, Will was available to sign books and to talk with all the guests who came for the event. 


Will also signed some books for the store, so if you weren't able to make it tonight you can stop in at Addendum to pick up your own copy! 

Will Alexander with Addendum co-owner Katherine Warde

We had a blast tonight! It is always a pleasure working with Will, and we were honored to host his publication party. Thanks to all who came and helped make it a memorable evening!  

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