Thursday, May 16, 2013

Geoff Herbach Publication Party - I'm With Stupid

Today we hosted the publication party for Geoff Herbach's final book in his Felton Reinstein trilogy - I'm With Stupid

We held the event at Dr. Chocolate's Chocolate Chateau just down the street from Addendum.  

We started the night off with Geoff reading from his books, but then the evening became slightly less traditional...

Geoff had asked a number of writers to contribute to the I'm With Stupid blog in the months leading up to the release of his book. Several of the contributors were with us tonight to read their own Stupid stories!  (These stories are hilarious! Be sure to check them out on the blog and keep checking back because it will continue to be updated!)

First up was Dennis Cass, reading his piece Kung Fu Romeo.

Next, a brief interlude from readings as Goth Mother (women's a capella group) performed. (That's Geoff's wife Stephanie there on the left!)

Next, Maggie Ryan Sandford was up, with her story Rat Pirate vs. Little Batman.

Then we heard Assault on Fort Stupid by Paul D. Dickinson.

More from Geoff! 

Next up was Molly Priesmeyer reading her story The Devil and the FBI

A short break for some book signing....

Then we heard from Goth Mother again!

Up next - Ticking Party Ball by Carrie Mesrobian.

Then John Jodzio read his story Backwards.

More Felton from Geoff!

The last guest reader of the evening was Zach Coulter with his story The Real Estate Solution.

One more reading from Geoff, and then...

Plenty more book signing...

A photo booth was available all night for guests to take their own photos and leave messages for Geoff. Check them out:

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