Saturday, November 3, 2012

Teen Literature Network

Authors pictured: (Front row, L-R) Margi Preus, Julie Schumacher, Ann Angel, Molly Beth Griffin; (Middle row L-R) Lisa Bullard -TLN Coordinator, Joan M. Wolf, Natalie M. Rosinsky, Anne Greenwood Brown, Sandra McLeod Humphrey, Pat Schmatz, Eva Apelqvist, Loretta Ellsworth, Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Rebecca Fjelland Davis; (Back row, L-R) Ann Bausum, bookseller Nancy Caffoe, Vicki Palmquist (CLN), Jonathan Friesen, Polly Carlson-Voiles, Geoff Herbach, John Coy, and Steve Palmquist (CLN).

This morning was the kick-off breakfast for the Teen Literature Network - the new offshoot of the Children's Literature Network. We were very much looking forward to this, and were pleased when TLN asked Addendum to be the official photographer for the event

The morning started with time to browse through everyone's books. Then we had breakfast and played 'Who Am I?'. Each author had provided 10 little-known facts about him- or herself. We read through each card and had to guess which author it was. We got almost all of them right. ;)  

Each author came up after the game and talked a little about themselves, their books, and their current writing project.  
A number of the authors in attendance this morning were also at our grand opening.  

Anne Greenwood Brown

Margi Preus

Ann Angel

Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Julie Schumacher

John Coy

Rebecca Fjelland Davis

Sandra McLeod Humphrey

Loretta Ellsworth

Molly Beth Griffin

Jonathan Friesen

Pat Schmatz

Ann Bausum

Joan M. Wolf

Natalie M. Rosinsky

Polly Carlson-Voiles

Eva Apelqvist

Patrick Jones

Interspersed througout the author talks, Vicki Palmquist (head of the Children's Literature Network), Terri Evans (school librarian), and Lisa Bullard (TLN coordinator) spoke about their top 5 picks for young adult books released in the past year. 

Vicki Palmquist

Terri Evans

Lisa Bullard
After the event, the authors were available for book signing:

Geoff Herbach

Pat Schmatz

Ann Bausum

Margi Preus

Jonathan Friesen

A huge thank you to Vicki Palmquist, Steve Palmquist, and Lisa Bullard for making this morning happen - it was wonderful to be a part of it!  

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